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2017 professional development course schedule on

Brad and Bruiser
2017 professional development course schedule on
by Brad Bredehoft - Friday, 11 November 2016, 1:08 PM

At Museum Study our mission is to help you build a better cultural institution and be a stronger member of the team that carries out the mission of your institution.

To accomplish this we provide online professional development. We offer courses on a broad range of topics important to running a cultural institution including; Administration, Exhibits & Public Programming, Facilities Management, Collection Management, and Collection Preservation & Care. Our goal is to help you develop policies, procedures and programs to run your institution successfully.

It has been an whirlwind 2016 at Museum Study. We have added 4 new instructors and 12 new courses this year. We also host two courses for the American Association for State and Local History.

There are currently 28 courses on the 2017 schedule and at least 9 more that we expect to be added. New courses in 2017 include; How to Develop a Code of Ethics for Your Museum, Building A Stronger Organization Through Advocacy, Managing Previously Unmanaged Collections, Evaluating Interpretive Exhibits, Interpretive Planning for Historic Homes and Gardens, and Integrated Pest Management: The Plan and Implementation.

If you are trying to build a skill set in a particular area you might consider taking a series of courses. For instance we have 7 courses in Exhibits and Interpretation with more coming. Individually each will help you improve your knowledge in a particular area, together they will help you develop a portfolio of skills.

We are recruiting new instructors and additional courses on exhibits, care of photographs and care of furniture & wood are in development and will be announced as they become available. Like us on Facebook, Google+ or LinkedIn to keep updated on new developments.

You can see the entire course schedule and read more about the individual courses on our website at