Join us beginning June 2, 2020 for the 4 week course Assessing Risks to Cultural Property 2.

Assessing risks to cultural property, including but not limited to Museum, Library, and Archive collections, is becoming a fundamental ability for collection care professionals. This course builds on the foundation established in Assessing Risk to Cultural Property 1. We will explore challenges to quantifying risks and strategies for estimating rates of, and expected impacts of, sporadic incidents (type 2 risks) employing examples based on participant situations. Means of determining or estimating rates of progressive changes (type 3 risks) are provided and practised. Finally, methods for presenting comprehensive, (semi-) quantitative risk profiles are demonstrated and employed by participants.

Participants will appreciate the impact of human thinking heuristics and biases on judgments and how these impact our understanding of risks. An Excel workbook for organizing and documenting a risk assessment will be provided. Using this workbook and working individually and in groups, participants will determine or estimate examples of both type 2 type 3 risks impacting their own collections.