The discovery of mice living (and eating) objects in your collection is a terrifying experience. You are not alone - many of us have had this unpleasant experience. Silverfish will eat your paper materials, moths will eat your woolens and feather objects, mice will gladly nest in anything they can! How can you protect the collection in your care from this very real and very serious threat?

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a holistic approach, using low-toxicity strategies to manage the threat. First developed for the agriculture industry to reduce the use of pesticides, it has become the preferred method of pest control in cultutral institutions. It is more labor intensive than the traditional poison them approach, but it also presents less health risk to staff and collections. A good IPM program will prevent future infestations as well as control current ones.

This course explores the foundation of knowledge needed to solve pest problems in a myriad of situations that might be encountered in cultural institutions. Participants will receive an introduction to IPM, learning how to quantify the actual pest risk. They will learn how to identify pests, develop a monitoring program and assess options to both solve and prevent pest problems in a safe and effective manner. Join us November 4, 2019 for this four week course.