Developing Exhibitions: Planning 1 is part of the American Association for State and Local History's Small Museum Pro Certificate program. This is an online class about how to put together an exhibition, from deciding what it will be about and why, to gathering, creating and arranging all the elements for visitors.  You’ll learn a lot from your classmates – from their own experiences and from the resources that they share with all of us.  And you’ll learn the best way: by doing – you will develop an actual exhibit over the course of the class.

Students will develop an understanding of current issues within exhibit development and create original planning material for a potential exhibit at participants’ institution (or other selected venue). Drawing upon their professional and educational experiences, course participants will examine their own perspectives on exhibition development and strengthen their role within its practice.

Whether participants come to the course with an imaginary exhibit in mind, or with the intention to develop an actual exhibit, this course will guide them through the process, providing encouragement and guidance along the way and a chance to exchange ideas and experiences. Educational support is provided by the course instructor, the participants’ professional colleagues in the course and in their institution, and visiting professionals who may join our online chats.