Join us beginning September 2, 2019 for the 4 week course Assessing Risks to Cultural Property 2.

Assessing risks to cultural property, including but not limited to Museum, Library, and Archive collections, is becoming a fundamental ability for collection care professionals. This course builds on the foundation established in Assessing Risk to Cultural Property 1. We will explore challenges to quantifying risks and strategies for estimating rates of, and expected impacts of, sporadic incidents (type 2 risks) employing examples based on participant situations. Means of determining or estimating rates of progressive changes (type 3 risks) are provided and practised. Finally, methods for presenting comprehensive, (semi-) quantitative risk profiles are demonstrated and employed by participants.

Participants will appreciate the impact of human thinking heuristics and biases on judgments and how these impact our understanding of risks. An Excel workbook for organizing and documenting a risk assessment will be provided. Using this workbook and working individually and in groups, participants will determine or estimate examples of both type 2 type 3 risks impacting their own collections.

Join us beginning February 4, 2019 for Preservation Principles for Cultural Institutions, a foundation course for collection care. If you are not already familiar with preservation principles you should take this course before taking any other collection care subject. These principles are also applied in Facilities Management courses ranging from Integrated Pest Management to Keeping Historic Houses & Museums Clean to Emergency Preparedness.

This course will explore why collections deteriorate and look at specific every day examples. We will examine risks to collections and discuss strategies to address those challenges.

Join us for the four week course Collections Care & Management for Archives and Works on Paper. Conservators and Archivists often work together to develop the most successful approaches to care and preservation while allowing access for research and exhibition. Best practices, including practical policies and procedures are key to good archives management and care. This 4 week course will introduce basic professional standards and procedures for archives collections management and recognize the roles of archivists and conservators in the care of archives collections. Topics covered will include collections governance, policies, and procedural guidelines for condition assessments, handling, housing, storage, and use in research.