Leadership and Administration in History Organizations is part of the American Association for State and Local History's Small Museum Pro! Certificate program. This course proposes that museum administration and leadership matter, regardless of the size or focus of your organization. Topics include governance and administrative structure, nonprofit status, mission and vision, board and staff responsibilities, the relationship between board and staff, strategic planning, human resource management, and leadership.

Join us for the four week course Grants for Museums and Historic Sites. This class will teach you where to look for possible funders, how to make the best match for your project, how to design the project to attract a grant, and how to get the proposal written and written well.

Join us August 1 for the 4 week course Ethics, Laws and Collections Management. this course provides an accessible introduction to the ethical principles and legal aspects of managing museum collections by presenting the scope and significance of museum ethics and an introduction to national and international laws and regulations affecting museums. The course textbook, A Practical Guide to Museum Ethics, will be supplemented by a variety of readings and assignments.

Advocacy involves communicating with broad constituencies, including elected officials, about what your museum does and why it is important.  Too often museums relegate advocacy to the back burner because they don’t see the value in devoting time to advocacy.  Advocacy needs to be an ongoing responsibility of everyone who cares about museums – staff, board members, volunteers, constituents, and the many people who value museums.  Making advocacy a part of ongoing operations can help build a stronger institution. Advocacy should be embraced as a best practice of museums.

This course is intended for anyone interested in building support for your organization and being prepared in case of a proposed policy or action that could harm your institution.  The course will help to dispel the myth that non-profits can’t engage in advocacy. Participants will learn how to become more comfortable with advocacy and ways to incorporate advocacy into ongoing operations.